Our Business

Our Business

Perpetual's business plan is based upon an entrepreneurial approach to value creation through finding, developing, producing, and marketing oil and gas based energy. The Company is focused on growing production, reserves, cash flow and value through exploration and development, the application of innovative technologies and acquisitions. The Company actively manages its strong and diversified portfolio of assets to crystallize value, capitalize on opportunities and manage risks through commodity price cycles.

In recent years through its purposeful transition from a shallow-gas focused distributing energy trust to a diversified, growth-oriented, exploration and production corporation, the foundations of Perpetual's strategy have been refined. Four pillars define Perpetual's strategy as the organization is built to grow, prosper and last.

1) Build a diversified portfolio of material, repeatable high return, resource-style assets for short-term and long-term growth and value:

  • capture material positions in potential growth strategies through grass roots exploration and acquisitions and evaluate through risk-managed investment;
  • exploit and expand profitable, proven assets with prudent investment; and
  • maintain a diversified asset and opportunity portfolio by commodity, geography, risk-profile and development timeline.

    2) Establish excellence in chosen priorities:

  • safety is job one;
  • value technical, operational, execution and leadership excellence;
  • maximize profits through a low-cost culture; and
  • be accountable for results.

    3) Maintain a healthy balance sheet:

  • disciplined spending while balancing priorities;
  • maintain levers for optionality;
  • pursue dispositions to actively manage the portfolio to optimize value; and
  • position to be robust through commodity cycles.

    4) Manage risk and capitalize on commodity price cycles:

  • assess technical, operational, execution and transactional risks and invest appropriately to balance risk and reward;
  • employ and actively manage market-based commodity price risk management strategies; and
  • capture counter-cyclical opportunities.