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Business Opportunities

Perpetual Energy has reviewed and identified a number of assets and undeveloped land available for a variety of oil and gas related commercial dealings.

Click on any of the opportunities on the map which will provide a more detailed description of the area and lands Perpetual is open to Farm-in, Swap, and/or Divestiture proposals. Each opportunity will include contact information where proposals should be addressed to at Perpetual.

Sparky Mannville Edsonmap

Confidentiality and/or exclusion agreements may be required to access additional evaluation materials, including, but not limited to, mineral land reports, lease operating statements, reserve reports, well files, and technical presentations.

All offers and proposals will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis unless it is deemed a bid date is necessary. Interested parties are requested to provide written proposals.

Perpetual Energy and its affiliates provide this information on a non-exclusive basis and reserve the right to decline or amend any offer or proposal received or amend the offering process, including withdrawing opportunities at Perpetual Energy's sole discretion and warrants, no warranty or representation with respect to the information provided. All transactions are subject to Perpetual Energy's management and executive level approval. Perpetual Energy will frequently update its business opportunities section as additional assets and undeveloped land is deemed suitable for commercial dealings.

For general land and business opportunity related inquiries please contact:

Ryan Goosen,
Manager Negotiations

Eugene Doherty,
Evaluation Manager A&D